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Titanic Brush are a go-to favourite for Angelina Jolie's Personal Makeup Artist, Toni G

Titanic Brushes Engraved for Angelina Jolie

We know our brushes are amazing, that's nothing new to us. But, when we get that feedback from people at the top of their game in makeup, it still makes us 'fan-girl' like a 10 year olds! So when we got an email from Toni G. Personal Makeup Artist to the amazing Angelina Jolie, I won't lie, we might have done a little dance. 

Toni G went on to tell us that she is in Italy currently heading up the makeup team on 'Without Blood' a film written, produced and directed by Angelina Jolie and staring Salma Hayek. She explained that she has fallen in love with our brushes and not only wanted to get some more for herself, but as end of shooting gifts for her entire team. 

As you can imagine, we only had to think about this for about 0.0001 second before agreeing to custom engrave brush sets individually for her and the entire team. 

We feel so incredible honoured to have been asked to do this and for Toni G putting her trust in us to create these personalised sets for her crew.

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